Friday 31 July 2015

Tips For Bootstrapping Your Business With Broken Laces

Tips for boot strapping a start-up

10 Tips for Starting a Business from Scratch

Written by Robyn T Braley

Now is not a great time to be thinking about starting a business. We are officially using the “R” word in Canada. 

In January, 2015, oil prices dropped like a rock into a thick puddle of porridge! 

Later that same year those who were laid-off were running out of their employment insurance benefits. Most have been diligently working their networks and submitting resume’s by the hundreds to no avail.

Some are able to find employment is other parts of the country or even the world where their skills and abilities are in demand. For others, reasons like family eliminate moving as an option.

So, what now? At this point some are deciding to start a business. They do it for one of two reasons
  1. As an act of desperation as there are no other income options.
  2. To seize an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream.