Robyn Braley has been a Rotarian for 22 years. His passion is helping Rotary Clubs build sustainable meeting strategies that motivate existing members and engage new ones. Vibrant clubs are made up of members who are drawn to the ideal of service. They also like to have fun while building positive relationships.

Rotary Speaker

Robyn draws from his experience as a Rotarian, Brand Specialist, Writer, Speaker, and Producer. He provides practical tips that contribute to the process of building stronger clubs. Resilient clubs increase community impact by making a difference through local and international service.

Robyn has spoken to clubs in Districts 5360, 5370 and 5340. He has also delivered keynotes and breakout sessions at District and Leadership Training Conferences (Pets & Sets) in two Districts. He led two club teams that were awarded Rotary International PR Awards and served as the District 5360 PR Chair. 

Building the Rotary Brand Blogsite

From 2014 to 2018 Robyn wrote monthly posts for the blog site Building the Rotary Brand. There are 53 posts about developing resilient speaker programs, social media programs, how to attract the media, and other Rotary-relevant topics.  

BTRB posts have been read by more than 59,000+ Rotarians and other interested people around the world. Each post was also published in the District 5360 newsletter each month. Some articles were picked up by other districts. 

Most Read Posts

Eleven Tips for Producing Meetings that Attract Younger Members

Topics - (Links to relevant posts or/and videos)

Each topic is available as a 30-minute club presentation or 60-minute conference keynote. For the Rotary-specific talks, he shares practical tips for producing engaging meetings and creating strong speaker program strategies. 

Each title below is linked to a relevant blog post or video. Near the end is a list of tutorials that are ideal for District or Zone learning opportunities. 

Keynotes - Rotary Specific

Add Power to Your Rotary Club Speaker Program 

Rotary District Tutorials

Robyn has also developed tutorials that are ideal for breakout sessions at District Conferences or online training sessions. He 'digs deep' into content that cuts through the clutter by providing information that is easy to understand and implement. 

Most tutorials are 1 hr. long and include PowerPoint and participant worksheets. 

Social Media 
Content 101 - social media basics
Content 102 - more social media basics
Twitter - Basics
LinkedIn - Basics
Facebook - Basics

Media Relations (P.R.)
How the Media Works
Developing a Media Strategy
Writing a Media Release, Creating a Contact List
Staging a Media Event
Media Performance Training
Sponsorship (Bonus)

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