Thursday 26 February 2015

Rick Hanson, Bearcat Murray, and Peter Maher Lead by Example

Chief Rick Hanson interviewed by Jill Belland of City TV
Written by Robyn T. Braley

Since this post was written, Chief Hanson resigned to pursue other career options. Peter Maher retired after a distinguished career as a sports broadcaster. Bearcat Murray just goes on being Bearcat. Each is still involved in the community.

Three men built strong personal brands through hard work and demonstrating a passion for what they do. 

Leaders are busy. Schedules are overloaded by the demands of fulfilling job and career commitments. Add family and recreation time and many leaders reach a schedule saturation point. 

When asked to find time to volunteer in the community, many leaders are thrown into a spasm caused by busyness fatigue.

Leaders Who Lead

In spite of this, every community has leaders who stand out through the gift of their time. They understand the importance of making a difference in the community. 

Calgary is blessed with a long list of men and women who are examples of what it means to be extraordinary leaders in every area of their lives. Somehow, within their frenetic schedules, they find time to give back, to pay it forward. 

Three such men were recently in the news on the same day. They share common values by…
  • Giving selflessly of themselves without any expectation of return
  • Demonstrating leadership by how they live their lives
  • Showing compassion and caring for others