Tuesday 15 June 2021

You too can be a Garage Sale Guru! Tips for Garage Sale Success


Your basement is filled with treasures. Well, you call them treasures. Your family calls them junk. 

There are so many things taking up so much space there is no clear path to – well – anywhere!

The die is cast. A date is chosen and the process of organizing your garage sale begins. 

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Find answers to these 5 key questions.

  1. What is the secret for a successful Garage Sale?
  2. How do I decide what to sell? 
  3. Do I really need to price each important?
  4. How important are signs?

Saturday 5 June 2021

Beware! The Ultimate Canadian Donut Rush

Canadians are very Canadian when it comes to loving donuts!

On a recent world donut day, I was listening to the Calgary CBC Eye Opener as hosts David Gray and Angela Knight helped us celebrate.

Listeners were texting and emailing their favorite sweet treat. As the volume increased the tone of the messages became harsher and there was a real danger the conversation might spiral out of control and into a full-on viral donut war! For the record, mine is an apple fritter.

The idea of a revolution caused by donuts would be hard to imagine in any part of the world but Canada. We love our donuts!