Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Increase Social Media Engagement - 20 Tips for Writing and Formatting Blog Content

Written by Robyn T. Braley

Writing content for blogs or other online use requires a different approach than writing content for essays, reports magazines or newspapers.

Writing blog content that effectively tells your story requires thought and discipline. 
The message must be carefully crafted. Short is always good, but not at the expense of meaning. 

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Basic Business Communications Principles Deliver Results

Interview with Robyn T. Braley and other industry experts 

A fun part of my business is being interviewed by various radio show hosts, podcast producers, TV news reporters and magazine or newspaper writers. My expertise ranges from business and personal branding topics to community service and politics. 

After speaking at Buildex Vancouver earlier this year I was contacted by a writer doing a story for the Journal of Commerce about business communications basics. How could I say no?

Robyn delivering a sold-out keynote address at Buildex Edmonton

The article focuses on person-to-person, mainstream media and social media communications tips. The Journal of Commerce is a leader in delivering essential construction news and other relevant information to Western Canada’s construction marketplace. 

The magazine is published twice weekly and is available in hard copy and online. The Journal of Commerce has been a trusted resource for over 100 years. 

It's always cool reading, watching or listening to an interview you've done as soon as it is published or goes to air. As I read this story when it came out, I learned a couple of new things from others who were quoted.