Wednesday 22 October 2014

Goal Setting? Think as if there is no box! Creative Problem Solving

Shake Loose Great Ideas That Will Change Your Future

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Think as if There is no Box
So, here we are! The big day has arrived. The team has checked into the hotel and the meeting room is prepared.

You want to find new ways to solve tired old problems! Your greatest hope is to come out of the two-day goal-setting session with ideas that will change the course of your company. The goal is to shake loose world-changing ideas.

I’ve used our method for various business and not-for-profit clients. I have also adapted it for use with focus groups with great success. 

  • Finding golden nuggets
  • Amazing creative solutions
  • Creative linking, transference
  • Ideas become “unstuck”
  • Jolting normal patterns of thinking

What am I talking about? I was introduced to Creative Problem Solving while teaching drama at a high needs Junior High School years ago. If you could cope with the daily challenges, it was a fun place to teach. As one teacher said, “I loved teaching there because the kids had “spunk! You never knew what was going to happen next!”