Thursday, 8 April 2021

You too can be a Garage Sale Guru! Tips for Garage Sale Success


Your basement is filled with treasures. Well, you call them treasures. Your family calls them junk. 

There are so many things taking up so much space there is no clear path to – well – anywhere!

The die is cast. A date is chosen and the process of organizing your garage sale begins. 

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Sunday, 28 February 2021

Improve Your Video Call Audio Quality in Seven Easy Steps

Written by Robyn T. Braley

The New Reality

Video conferencing has become a matter of necessity due to the COVI9-19 experience. As it became commonplace, we began to better understand the communication needs of the virtual space. 

Whether you speak to an audience of 1 or 100, your sound quality makes a statement about you. If people can't understand you, they can't engage with your ideas and opinions.  

Audiences will make allowances for poor visuals but will not tolerate shoddy audio. My purpose in this post is to help you improve the sound of your voice on video calls. 

Thursday, 28 January 2021

55 Original Quotes to Uplift, Inspire and Chase Away the COVID Blues

Written by Robyn T. Braley

Those who follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook know that I write original quotes. I’ve written about 700 and add to the list almost every day.

My plan was to post periodic articles featuring them. However, the need for other content always seems to take precedent. With the news we’ve had recently, now is the time.

If you need to be encouraged, inspired, or amused, this post is for you! Perhaps you are experiencing deep sadness and need to be reminded there is hope. Or, maybe you just need a laugh.
If you are active on social media, please cut and paste any of my quotes and post them as your content. I've made it easy by dividing them into topics and including my name with each one. 

We are living in yet another COVID-19 lockdown—world economies have punished some while rewarding others. Political systems that are considered unshakable are under threat from insurrectionists. Our outlook is made worse by the paralyzing fear of the unknown. 

Think Differently 

A timely quote can cause you to think differently. A few wise words can inspire you to turn your life around and take a new path. 

In a moment of desperation, a simple phrase can give you hope where none existed. In a moment of great accomplishment, a quote can sum up in a few words what you are feeling inside. 

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

How to Choose Which #Community Organizations to Donate to During COVID-19

Wearing a mask has been a constant weapon in the fight against #COVID19

Written by Robyn T. Braley

Robyn T. Braley is a brand specialist, writer, speaker, community leader and media commentator. He is the President of UniMark Creative Inc. 

The last day of December 2020 is the last day to be able to receive tax credits for donations to worthy causes.

How has the COVID pandemic impacted charitable giving?

COVID-19 has amplified the financial needs in our communities to levels not seen in Alberta for decades! Some businesses have failed. Thousands have been laid off and out of work for almost a year.

They are desperate. Families are in distress.

All of this brings increased pressures at food banks, family resource agencies, addictions recovery organizations, youth programs, and mental health services. Counsellors are overwhelmed by the number of people seeking help. 

Friday, 18 December 2020

Ebineezer Says Businesses are Making a Big Difference in a COVID Christmas

Ebeneezer says, "Make a COVID Christmas a giving Christmas" 

Written by Robyn T. Braley

The saying never gets old. Christmas is a time for giving. It’s a time for recognizing the needs of others and responding in meaningful ways. Christmas is a time for sharing. 

COVID-19 has amplified the needs in our communities to uber-extreme levels. Many businesses are responding to the need.

I know many reading this post are without a job. You've been laid off or perhaps your business failed due to the pandemic. Because of it, your employees are without jobs also. 

Families are in distress. All of this has increased pressures at food banks, family resource agencies, addictions recovery organizations and mental health services. I know counsellors who are overwhelmed by the number of people seeking help. 

I am truly blest to do business in Canada. I work with clients who have a passion for what they do. Giving back to the community is a key part of their business strategies.
Many do not limit giving to the Christmas season. As Ebineezer Scrooge famously said, “I will honour Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all year round.”