When Robyn Braley steps onto the stage, the audience knows they're in for something special. More than 40 years of entertaining, engaging, and sharing life-changing moments are the source of Robyn's passion for helping people be better communicators.  

Fun audience participation bits and humorous examples drive home how easy it is to improve your communication skills. People leave his sessions with knowledge and practical tips that will help them improve how they communicate with others. 


Robyn shares content that is as engaging as it is practical. He draws from lifetime experience as a Brand Specialist, Writer, Speaker, TV, and Radio professional, Gospel Concert Artist, Record Producer, Event Planner, Community Volunteer, and way back as a High School and Secondary School Drama teacher.

'Ah-Ha!' Moments

He loves helping people discover "Ah Ha!" moments. His goal is to equip them with the tools needed to make real change. Keynote presentations include easy-to-implement tips and information. 

  • Unleash the Power of Personal Communication
  • Body Language 101: What is Your Body Saying?
  • Zoomtastic! Video Conference Tips 
  • Your Personal Brand Matters; Power and Influence
  • You Too Can Become a Garage Sale Guru

Event and Meeting Planners

Conference and meeting planners love keynote speakers who leave their audiences asking for more. Robyn's sessions are often among the first to sell out.

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Virtual Keynotes  

COVID -19 brought many changes to the conference and event world. Online communication has become a powerful conduit to people's minds. Video conferencing has been revolutionized! 

Robyn Braley has studio-quality technical gear for doing TV, radio, and podcast interviews. He delivers high-production value viral keynotes and webinars.