Thursday 17 August 2017

Basic Business Communications Principles Deliver Results

Interview with Robyn T. Braley and other industry experts 

A fun part of my business is being interviewed by various radio show hosts, podcast producers, TV news reporters and magazine or newspaper writers. My expertise ranges from business and personal branding topics to community service and politics. 

After speaking at Buildex Vancouver earlier this year I was contacted by a writer doing a story for the Journal of Commerce about business communications basics. How could I say no?

Robyn delivering a sold-out keynote address at Buildex Edmonton

The article focuses on person-to-person, mainstream media and social media communications tips. The Journal of Commerce is a leader in delivering essential construction news and other relevant information to Western Canada’s construction marketplace. 

The magazine is published twice weekly and is available in hard copy and online. The Journal of Commerce has been a trusted resource for over 100 years. 

It's always cool reading, watching or listening to an interview you've done as soon as it is published or goes to air. As I read this story when it came out, I learned a couple of new things from others who were quoted.

John Reitmeier, General Manager of Grant Metal Products, was also interviewed. He explains why attention-to-detail is required for all internal communication relating to the manufacturing process. John is a long time client of ours.

The Story

Basic business communications principles deliver results


By the time we are in our 20s, most of us have learned how to converse with other people and to do it in a way that gets an answer and doesn't raise eyebrows.
So if we already know to talk to other people, what else is there to know about communication at work, or business communications, as it is often called?

Plenty, says Robyn Braley, president of UniMark Creative Inc.
"There are some basic principles of speaking that need to be followed to communicate effectively," said Braley, a writer and speaker in Calgary.

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Robyn T. Braley is a brand specialist, writer, and speaker. He is also a media commentator and Rotarian. Robyn is the President of UniMark Creative which does website design, video production, media services (editorial and advertising), and graphic design. He speaks at business conferences and also blogs about branding. 


Other Media Interviews With Robyn Braley

Host Angela Kokot of NEWSTALK 770 talks to Robyn Braley about the history of radio and TV commercials and why they are still relevant today. Generated a high volumn of listener calls, texts and emails.

Global TV's Bindu Suri speaks with Robyn Braley about the work of Rotary and his Calgary West Club's Jubilee Anniversary. 

CBC Radio's Russell Bowers talks to Robyn Braley about the dangers of social media and why it is important. 

Bill Kaufmann of the Calgary Sun interviews Gail Williams about polio eradication in Africa and Robyn Braley about the Calgary West Rotary Club celebrating 50 years of service.

Robyn Braley talks to Kaitlin Lee on 660 NEWS about why bad behavior at the company Christmas Party can destroy your personal brand.

Metro News reporter Brodie Thomas talks to Robyn Braley about the economic impact on ticket sales for the Calgary West Rotary Club Stampede Parade Breakfast

630 CHED's Ryan Jesperson interviews Robyn Braley about what body language to look for in TV political debates.

Robyn Braley on NEWSTALK 770 explains why the retailer Target failed in Canada

The Calgary Herald interviews songwriter Robyn Braley about having one of his songs nominated for a national award.

Writer Peter Caufield interviews Robyn Braley about basic communications skills for the Journal of Commerce

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