Thursday 19 November 2020

A Media Release is a Perfect Tool for Promoting Your Company News, New Product or Big Idea to All Media

The role of a Media Release in today's world of blended media!

Ideal for promoting across mainstream, online and social media platforms! Part 1 of 2.

Written by Robyn T. Braley

You have exciting news! Your company has just developed a revolutionary new product that will change thousands of lives. 

Your assignment is to have hundreds of thousands of people read, see and hear the life-changing news about your innovative new product. Should you choose to accept it, your assignment is to pitch the story to mainstream, online and social media so it can be published, broadcast and posted. 

How will you do this? I have a simple answer! Write a media release so well crafted that it will convince global media to tell your story to the masses! 

Why is the media release necessary? If you have ever telephoned, emailed or directed messaged a journalist, editor, or producer with a story idea, you know the first thing they will ask for is a news release with your story in writing. 

The purpose of a well-crafted media release is to get the attention of newspaper or magazine editors, TV assignment editors or talk radio producers or program hosts. The goal is to inspire them to assign a journalist to write or produce a story or book an interview with you. 

But wait! There is much, much more! 

In the new world of media streamlining and integration, a news release has the power to reach far beyond traditional media. It is a tool that will take your story to large audiences using tools that didn't exist ten years ago. 

Why? There are no longer great divides between mainstream, online and social media. 

If free distribution services like Yahoo or Google News pick up your story, it may be published by media around the world. If your company hires a news distribution service like PR NewsWire, CISION or MarketWire, they will distribute it to all types of media clients across the country and beyond, If picked up, your story may be exposed to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. (Check out Alberta Rotarians Trigger 2.1 Million Dollars for Polio Eradication) 

What Do You Call it

Before going further, let's get the name straight. Some people, even professionals, still call it a Press Release. The word PRESS suggests print media, which means the term was out-of-date with the introduction of commercial radio in the early 1920s and television for the masses in the late 1940s. 

News Release is more inclusive and is a totally acceptable name. However, it implies targeting media that features schedule-driven news broadcasts in the traditional sense. 

I recommend the term Media Release as it is 100% inclusive. It carries the same meaning to mainstream media, online media and social media. 

News is published as soon as it is received on many platforms. Even newspapers post it on their websites as soon as they verify the truth and accuracy of the story. 

Mainstream Media Online

Most media will also upload your story to their website. It may stay there for years as a video, blog post or podcast. All-news radio stations have interviewed me, aired the interview and later transcribed and posted it on their website accompanied by the audio clip. 

Podcast - Robyn T. Braley on 660 News, Protecting Your Brand With Good Party Behavior

660 News Post - Robyn T. Braley Quoted in No winners in leader's debate: commentators

To double-check, I googled a few of them. Some interviews I've done have been online for 4-5 years. Newspaper and magazine stories with interviews I've given or articles written by me have been online for ten years or more. 

Journal of Commerce - Interview with Robyn T. Braley - Basic business communications principles deliver results

Once published, mainstream media may promote their story about you through their social media channels. They will link back to their website post about your new product


Online News Platforms

Use your release to submit your story to bloggers and online news organizations like HuffPost, Forbes or INC. Include independent bloggers, vloggers and podcasters who have built vast audiences of loyal followers. And it all begins with a quality News Release. 

Strict Protocols

Even releases written for marketing purposes are a specific kind of document that must follow strict protocols. It can't just be one of your blog posts dressed in a hat and tails. A Media Release must adhere to a rigid format to be accepted.

Newsroom on Your Company Website

A well-crafted media release is an easy way to add fresh content to your company website by creating a News or Media Room on your website! Search engines, notably Google, Yahoo and Bing, reward new content increasing your ranking if appropriately optimized.  

Newsroom - Sureline Foam Products, Check Out Our Latest News

Newsroom - Rotary District 5360, Albertans Trigger $2.1 Million Dollar Grant for Polio Eradication

Uploading a PDF to your website's newsroom also provides an anchor for aggressive social media promotion. You can create content using lead paragraphs, excerpts or pose questions answered by the News Release. Include links, and you will have instant content for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Blog posts.  

If you circulate a monthly eNews, links to your release allow you to inform your customer and influencer groups about exciting news without sounding overly promotional. Existing customers will There is also a certain cachet attached to circulating a news release.  

Recent Interviews with Robyn Braley

I love doing interviews about Body Language. I am asked to analyze the body language of political leaders during provincial and federal election TV debates. The link will take you to 6 radio interview in September 2021. 

Interviews on Toronto, Hamilton, London, Winnipeg, and 2 Calgary radio stations

That's a Wrap!

Now you know! A news release can open doors to large numbers of targeted audiences. In a few weeks, we'll publish Part 2 to explain how to craft a news release that will produce results.   

Traditional Media 

  • Newspaper
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Magazines
  • Newsletters

Online Media

  • Company Website
  • Blogg Sites
  • Vlogger Sites
  • eNews (Company and Industry)
  • Podcasts

Social Media

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

The End

Robyn T. Braley is a brand specialist, writer, and speaker. He is also a media commentator and Rotarian. Robyn is the President of UniMark Creative, which does website design, video production, media services (editorial and advertising), and graphic design. He speaks at business conferences and also blogs about branding. More about Robyn 

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