Thursday 29 July 2021

11 Power Reads Just for You. Top Brandit Posts for 2020/2021! +BONUS

11 great summer reads for summer relaxation.

I love helping people! In fact, I can truly say that helping others is one reason I get up in the morning.

There is no doubt the world of COVID turned lives upside down. Our family was forced to separate geographically due to dramatic changes in the economy.

I know company owners whose businesses thrived during COVID. They were able to pivot quickly to making PPE early into the lockdown.

But, as time progressed, they lost employees due to the disease and were hit by severe raw product shortages. So, if you weren't negatively impacted in some way, you were fortunate.

A Time for Learning

Many used COVID time as growing time. The forced quarantine was a time to learn. I am grateful that more people have read my Brandit posts and engaged with my content on Twitter and LinkedIn than ever before.

Top 11 Posts

Below are the most-read Brandit posts of 2020-2021 for you to enjoy once again. If you enjoy reading them, please comment.

While the numbers are gratifying, I appreciate most the telephone calls, emails, or blog comments from readers like you.

I've also received personal comments during social occasions, which is so cool. The conversation usually gravitates to blogging in general and analytics in particular. Below are the basics.

By the Numbers

  • Total readership - 116,925
  • This month (July) - 6,802
  • Last month (June) - 7,479

Top 5 Countries

I love skimming through the reports after each post. MailChimp provides reports on who opened each email and who didn't. Blogger provides deeper analysis like the geographic regions where readers live. I make myself wait for a week to review the numbers as not all people read their post on the day it is uploaded.

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • France
  • United Kingdom

Top Ten Posts

Radically Improve Your Video Call Performances

Like it or not, when you are onscreen, you are on stage baby! My tips in this post will help you to be an even better version of yourself when on camera. 

Do You Know What Your Body Language is Saying?

Strong body language speaks to credibility and trust. Shifty eyes, slouching, wild gestures and the failure to listen intently signal the direct opposite.  

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55 Original Quotes to Uplift, Inspire and Chase Away the COVID Blues

If you need to be encouraged, inspired, or amused, this post is for you! Perhaps you are experiencing deep sadness and need to be reminded there is hope. Or, maybe you just need a laugh. 

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How to Build Resilient Relationships in a World of Toxic Negativity


It takes thoughtful action guided by genuine caring to form life-long friendships. One of the greatest challenges to maintaining strong relationships during the pandemic was the mental state you were in. Trying to maintain friendships by Zoom or Facetime only went so far. 

Seven Easy Steps to Improve Your Voice Quality on Video Calls

Whether you speak to an audience of 1 or 100, your sound quality makes a statement about you. If people can't understand you, they can't engage with your ideas and opinions.  Audiences will make allowances for poor visuals but will not tolerate shoddy audio. 

15 Reasons Why I am Proud to Be a Canadian

You may have observed that Canadian's aren't usually pushy or loud about being Canadian. However, we feel our patriotism deeply. We love our nation and are proud to be Canadians. We just don't always talk about it. 

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Increase Social Media Engagement - 20 Tips for Writing and Formatting Blog Content

Writing blog content that effectively tells your story requires thought and discipline. The message must be carefully crafted. Short is always good, but not at the expense of meaning.

Ebineezer Says Businesses are Making a Big Difference in a COVID Christmas

COVID-19 amplified the needs in our communities. All of this has increased pressures at food banks, family resource agencies, addictions recovery organizations and mental health services. Many businesses responded to the need.

You too can be a Garage Sale Guru! Tips for Garage Sale Success

I must admit it. My wife and I love garage sales. You might even say we are garage sale junkies. Saling has taken us to areas of our city we had never before visited. Tips, trick, strategies.Read more Post includes links to 3 media interviews

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21 Content Tips for Social Media Success

All platforms - FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging - require quality content. What content and why it is the engine that drives social media? Tips to help you identify content that is relevant and  provides values. 

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A Media Release is a Perfect Tool for Promoting Your Company News, New Product or Big Idea to All Media

The purpose of a well-crafted media release is to get the attention of newspaper or magazine editors, TV assignment editors or talk radio producers or program hosts. But wait! What about social media? There is much, much more! 

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Bonus Posts - Most Read All Time 

I hope you've enjoyed reading the top 11 posts from the past year. Below are the two most-read stories I have written on the Brandit blogsite. Please comment and let me know what you think. Share them on your social media channels. 

What Drives You - 10 Tips for Staying Motivated in Demotivating Times

Motivation drives us to achieve the unachievable. It stimulates innovation, creativity and imagination. Setting high expectations helps you see beyond the personal or business limitations that others may see. 

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Why Your Personal Brand Matters!

The people who matter to your career and business growth have an opinion about you. Whether you are the CEO of a large corporation, a student, warehouse worker, teacher, technician, truck driver, welder, farmer, or bootstrapper, what they think will influence your success or failure. 

The End

Robyn T. Braley is the President of UniMark Creative. He is a brand specialist, writer, and speaker. He publishes monthly posts on BrandIt.

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